How your golf club could benefit can provide a bespoke video showing your three favoured holes, views of the course and clubhouse (in and out), and any other facilities you would like to feature on the three minute video. You will also have editorial control of the voice over which accompanies the video. The price includes 12 months’ hosting fees with links to your website and vice versa.

How it works

The video
Once we have discussed your requirements, we will come and spend a day filming your venue. We will then edit the footage as well as produce a script, which you will approve, to make the voice over to go with the video. It is then placed on our database with other clubs and will have links to your own website. Any golfer will be able to go straight to the site and view it for free.

Hosting fee

The reason we host your video on our site rather than on yours is down to the size of data involved. It is likely that your website can only handle small data requests. Imagine that your website is a garden hosepipe and the data (web pages) within it is ‘water’. When anyone looks at your website they pull ‘water’ from your hose (computer).  Because simple web pages require small amounts of ‘water’, your hosepipe can handle quite a few people demanding ‘water’ at the same time. But with ‘video data’ think fire hydrant quantities of ‘water’!  When someone looks at your video there is a large demand and you need a large pipe to handle it, hence at we have a fireman’s size hose pipe! Without a hosepipe of that size, your server will crash and your website host will be on the phone complaining bitterly and asking for more money.

So the hosting fee is to cover the cost to when anyone watches your video and for marketing it on our site with all the other club videos. We think of it as ‘birds of a feather’ marketing. For example, a group of golfers want to try out a new course so they browse through the golf course videos and choose one that takes their fancy. Your course will be exposed to every golfer who looks at the site, whether directed there by you or by other clubs.


The price for a video anywhere in the UK is £1800 per video (which includes VAT.) For courses overseas please call to discuss travelling costs, which will be in addition to the £1800. If you would like to discuss this and any other questions you might have, drop me an email and I will call you back. The hosting fee is £25 (including VAT) per month after the first 12 months.